Private Client General Terms and Conditions for Services of Itella (Full text)

Business Client General Terms and Conditions for Services of Itella (Full text)

General Principles of Processing Personal Data

Packing a parcel

  • Pack all the items into a single box and seal it firmly with duct/strapping tape – this way you can be sure that all the items in the box make it to the receiver undamaged. A well-packed parcel is protected against its contents being lost or damaged in transit.
  • Write the names and mobile numbers of the sender and the receiver on the parcel. Since we notify the receiver via SMS, be sure to double-check that the mobile number is correct – otherwise the SMS won't make it to the receiver.
  • If you're not certain whether your parcel fits the dimension and weight requirements, just make sure that it corresponds to the conditions below.
  • Minimum dimensions: 1 cm x 15 cm x 15 cm (height x width x depth)
  • Maximum dimensions: 60 cm x 36 cm x 60 cm
  • Maximum weight: 35 kg

Sending a parcel

  • Find the location of your nearest parcel terminal as well as the hours of operation by looking at our map of parcel terminals.
  • Be sure to have your bank card with you, since the terminal will require a card payment.
  • Once you're there at the terminal, the guidelines on the touch-screen will assist you further – it will help to you complete the card payment and will then open the suitable locker door for your package.
  • To send several packages at once, you will need to use separate lockers for each of them. Since every parcel receives a unique ID for its locker, the "one-parcel-per-locker" rule helps us to ensure quick sorting and delivery of the parcel.
  • If the parcel is at the maximum permitted width and height, we recommend choosing a larger locker to make it easier for the recipient to take out the parcel.

Receiving the parcel

  • As soon as the parcel arrives at the destination terminal, we send the receiver an SMS with all the necessary information for pick-up.
  • Our map of parcel terminals (see above) will help you locate the terminal where your parcel was delivered.
  • To receive the parcel, all you need to do is enter the code sent to you via SMS into the screen on the parcel terminal – after that, the locker door will open and the parcel is yours!

Suitable packaging

For the parcel to make it to the destination intact and in the best shape, we suggest making sure of the following:

  • the outer packaging can withstand a fall from a height of 100 cm
  • liquids are tightly sealed to prevent leaking
  • the packaging for liquids and/or powders is hermetically sealed and packed inside of a sturdy container (cardboard box, plastic box, wooden box etc)
  • the parcel is packed in such a way that its contents cannot be accessed without apparent damage to the package
  • appropriate packaging materials have been used to pack fragile items (corner protectors, packing fill, bubble wrap etc)
  • the package is not too big for the item
  • the parcel can withstand 4-5 similar items placed on top of it

Since we as the carrier is only required to check the apparent condition of the goods and their packaging (as regulated by Article 8 of the CMR convention that governs European transportation services), making sure that the packaging is appropriate is very important.

Prohibited parcels

Smartpost's liability

Postal Accountability is regulated by both Estonian and European legislation. For preventing problematic situations and abuse of postal services, postal operators also have rules of their own. Below are the rules that we go by:

  • According to CRM convention and Law of Obligations Act, Smartpost is responsible for damaging or losing the package in the amount of 8.33 SDR for each kilogram of the parcels weight. SDR is an international reserve asset created by IMF (International Monetary Fund), its value is based on a basket of four key international currencies.
  • Smartpost does not reimburse indirect damages or revenue lost.
  • Smartpost is entitled to require the damaged parcel to be presented for inspection and examination.
  • Smartpost is not responsible for lockers incorrectly chosen and the shipping cost is not reimbursable.
  • Parcels with prohibited contents or parcels packaged incorrectly will be detained in the Smartpost terminals and the shipping cost is not reimbursable.
  • If, upon normal collection of the parcel, damage done to the parcel could not be immediately identified, the customer is entitled to claim damages no later than 7 calendar days after reception.
  • Any claims regarding damaged or lost parcels should be presented to Smartpost in written form.